Friday, January 27, 2012

Albrecht Kemper Museum in St. Joe, MO

Road trip to St. Joe for the Kemper Museum show.  We drove up from Kansas City to the Kemper Museum in St. Joe on Thursday.  There were several shows going on.  I have a few photos from two of them below.  There was also a group show of art from the members of the museum.  It was an interesting show in the downstairs of the house/museum.

The 'Western Art' room was my favorite.  This is one of the sculptures.

This is an acrylic painting.  There was some amazing detail work we 'inspected' very closely.

Everything was paper, cast and formed.  

close-up of one of the large upright pieces

You have a size comparison with Debbie.  These paper sculptures were really amazing.

Note the hook clasp in the top.  You can also see the slot in the wood block that holds the book in place.  Very creative!

What a wonderful way to display a sketchbook.  Take a close look at the above photo too.  The hook clasp at the top opened and there were hinges on the bottom.  The face had glass.  The top and bottom wood blocks had a slot in them to hold the sketchbook in place.  

Exhibit opportunities.

This is from a new blog I am following.  Linda Crane has a an amazing story.  I think you will find her a wonderful artist to follow.  Her web address is:  Her blog address is at her web site.

I found it interesting and I hope you can take a little information out of it that is useful!

Getting exhibit opportunities is a lot of work!  Especially at the beginning.  Here’s a quick and dirty bullet list of ways to streamline that:
  • Join a local art association (if there isn’t one, start one) and have your own group shows.
  • Libraries, Universities (particularly local ones), Hospitals, and so on often are excellent venue choices. 
  • If you have a local paper, let them know what’s going on in your studio.  This called a press release and doesn’t have to be about a show. 
  • Host a group show in your studio.
  • Host a well-publicized studio show of your own work.
  • Get yourself listed in gallery/studio guides.  Split the listing with friends if necessary or possible.  Publish one of your own if none exists for your area-although this will take a lot of time because you then have to get it distributed.
  • If there is a First Friday or similar art event, get yourself on the schedule, ask to become a “Featured Artist” in one of the available sites.
  • Join mailing lists for galleries and put them on yours (so they can see your work).
  • Show up at openings and artist’s receptions so your face and name become known.
  • Tell people (everybody) you are an artist.  Your barber, kid’s teachers, next-door neighbors, local business owners, the community calendar at your TV station, the newspaper, your blog, your doctor, (I recently sold a piece to my cats’ vet because I had the chutzpah to invite them to a one-person show. And I'd had to force myself to send them the postcard invitation because my old tapes always tell me not to “bother” people). 
  • Ask if you can hang your work in a local business (Think about the appropriateness – If you paint gory-looking abstracts, a vegan restaurant might not be very receptive!). 
  • Donate (within reason) to local charity events that will get excellent publicity (if you want to donate work because you believe in the charity and want to support them, that is not what we are talking about here).
  • Subscribe to websites and publications that list appropriate venues and report on them.  This is particularly important for fairs and juried exhibits, since the financial outlay of reserving multiple fairs and jury submissions can become burdensome with little reward if you don’t do your homework.  Google or go to artists’ information sites, check the back of your art publications and, if necessary, contact the venue directly with an inquiry, then research them, research them, research them.  Your library has copies of publications, the web has e-mags, state arts organizations often have opportunity listings.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paint out scheduled for MVIS Tues. / 11:00am

Jeff Sparks posted this on Facebook today.  So if you want some painting 'partners', you may want to head in this direction to 135th and Quivera.

Between Greg Summers and myself, two of the four founders of the MVIS, we are out and about the Kansas City region painting at least 2-4 times a week. Please contact us at any time you would like to start painting outdoors. If you are relatively new to plein air painting and are considering it more seriously, I am always happy to talk about what I'm doing while I paint, if you want to see it in progress or ask questions.

To get the ball rolling, I'll be out painting this Tuesday at the fields and property of Colonial Presbyterian Church, just west of 135th and Quivera. The beautiful new church is open so facilities and get warm time are all available. Lots of wooded acres to paint, too. I'll paint in any weather condition but pouring rain and severe wind. Let me know, the invitation is open!! :-)