Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rejection Sucks

I suspect most of us receive a rejection letter for shows now and again.  I just received my second one, two years in a row for this particular show.  It was such a nice letter, I could hardly get really upset!  But it does give you a little nudge of doubt.  Yes, I will try again. Fortunately I had one (of three submitted) accepted in a show this week.  I feel better.

I enjoy Rusty Jones' art and his blog.  He is so informative and sharing with his techniques, processes and methodology for painting.  Recently he was rejected for a show and wrote a very funny blog.  Here is the address:  ...just in case you ever get that rejection letter!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

If you haven't located Kathleen Dunphy's blog yet, you are in for a treat.  She currently has a post on plein air work in the SNOW.  How appropriate, with Kansas City in the middle of a record breaking snow event.  I think we are edging near a foot and may see up to 15" before it is over.

I will post one of her paintings, Change of Seasons, for a tease so you go to her blog.  She is an amazing artist, and her blog is always full of information.  In this post she has tips on safety, comfort and even tips for bringing your dog on a paint out!

The following is posted with permission!

Snow Day! Tips for Plein Air Painting in the Snow

by Kathleen Dunphy

Who doesn't love the look of freshly fallen snow? A good winter storm can turn even the most mundane scene into something spectacular to paint. But the first time I bundled up and hauled my gear out in winter conditions, I learned just how challenging painting in the snow can be. It's always tempting to just take a few photos and use those as reference to paint from in my warm, comfortable studio, but one thing's for certain: you have to get cold to paint snow convincingly. Almost more than any other subject matter, snow requires direct observation to help the artist convey its subtle beauty. [...] 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jesse James Farm with MVIS

MVIS had a great turn out today at Jesse James Farm near Kearney, MO.  15 painters participated in the plein air paint out event.  Greg Summers was the 'host', and he is doing a great job organizing and planning events.  He also manages to take photos and PAINT!  Thank you to MVIS for all of their hard work.
I will highly recommend the members of KCPAPA to join this newly formed venue in our area.  I will also continue to post on this blog.  If you have information for me to include for upcoming shows and gallery events, please send me the news so I can post it.

Here are a few photos from todays paint out.  For more photos, visit the MVIS blog.  Enjoy!

Debbie Payne, KCPAPA and MVIS member

Peggy Wilson, photo taken by Greg Summers.

Peggy Wilson, KCPAPA and MVIS member

The Jesse James Farmhouse

Dick Sneary working on a watercolor.

Greg Summers, one of the founders of MVIS.

Cathie Thompson


Tammy Dickerson's painting

Teddy Jackson