Thursday, May 16, 2013

Augusta Plein Air was a BLAST

What more can I say about the fabulous Augusta Plein Air event in Augusta, MO.  The hospitality is super, the location is BEAUTIFUL, the art work is so INSPIRING, and every artist has a BLAST!  Wine flows, great food, $500 purchase award EVERY DAY...the list goes on and on.  So I will post some yummy photos for your pleasure.  We had every kind of weather you can imagine for May.  Rain, snow, sun and wind.  It was simply PLEIN AIR at it's best!   Just to tease you for next years event, here are some photos!

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Tammie Dickerson wins honorable mention at the Private Estate Paint Out.  

Niles Gordon wins honorable mention at the private estate paint out.

The $500 purchase award goes to Susan!  What a great pastel.

Kathy Kessler holding Susan's pastel
Theme painting for 'Aged to Perfection'.  

Marty painted my Airstream for Aged to Perfection!  She is too, a 1962 Safari Airstream.

This was a great piece by Kim.  Look at that cool frame to ice that cake.

One of the events hosted by Stone Antiques, for the Aged to Perfection event.

Typical artists vehicle.  FULL to the brim with supplies, frames, etc.

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Zak Barnes was one of the judges for this event at Klondike Park.  Greg Summer won the $500 purchase award!  

The Symphony Dinner, the final evening.  It was superb.

Susans' pastel, a winner.

Lorraine won a ribbon in pastel.

And two of our hostesses, Kathy and Robin, watching the video of the event.  They deserve a round of applause folks!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A quote

A quote from Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot-
“The first two things to study are first form and then values. Those two things are in my opinion the foundations of art. Color and execution add charm to the work. It seemed very serious to me to prepare a study or a painting by starting to indicate the most vigorous color values (assuming the canvas is white) and to continue by following in order until you reach the lightest value. I would give 20 gradual numbers to go from the lightest to the most vigorous color value. Then your painting or study would be established with order. This order must in no way bother the sketcher or the colorist. Always the mass, the whole, what struck us. Never lose the first impression that moved us. The sketch is then the first thing to look for. And then, color values - the relation between forms and values. Those are the foundations. After the color, finally, the execution. Do you want to do a study or a painting? First you must apply yourself to look for the form in conscience. After having made all the efforts of application, move on to values. Look for them with the mass. Conscience. A good way to achieve this: if your canvas is white, start with the most vigorous tone. Follow the order until you get to the lightest tone. "