Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's going to be hot on Wed. for our paint out!

Remember to bring water tomorrow.  It's going to be hot....again.  But our view should be stellar.  So come early and enjoy the sights and sounds of the downtown airport.

This airport replaced Richards Field as Kansas City's main airport. It was dedicated as New Richards Field in 1927 by Charles Lindbergh. It was quickly renamed Kansas City Municipal Airport. Its most prominent tenant was TWA which was headquartered in Kansas City because of its central location. The airport was built in the Missouri River bottoms next to the rail tracks at theHannibal Bridge. At the time air travel was considered to be handled in conjunction with rail traffic.
The airport had limited area for expansion (in fact, Fairfax Airport directly across the Missouri River in Kansas City, Kansas was actually bigger area wise before it closed). Airplanes had to avoid the 200-foot (60 m) Quality Hill and the Downtown Kansas City skyline at the south end of the main runway. In the early 1960s an FAA memo called it "the most dangerous major airport in the country" and urged that no further federal funds be spent on it. Kansas City replaced the airport in 1972 with Kansas City International Airport.
The April 1957 OAG shows 40 weekday Braniff departures, 39 TWA, 9 Continental, 4 United, 2 Delta, 2 Ozark and 2 Central.
The downtown airport has been renamed for Charles Wheeler who was mayor when Kansas City International opened. Richards Road which serves the airport is named for John Francisco Richards II, a Kansas City airman killed in World War I (and whose name was also applied to Richards Field and Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base).
Despite the concerns about the airport's being unsafe, Air Force One frequently uses it during Presidential visits. [1][2]
Today, the airport is used chiefly for corporate and recreational aviation. Its location just north of the downtown business center provides excellent highway access.
It is home to the National Airline History Museum which focuses extensively on commercial airlines.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meeting, plans and painting

We met this morning at the Corner Cafe in Riverside.  We brought a painting to critique and a list for location options to paint.  After swapping stories and information (and a hardy breakfast), we set up a plan for new locations for the end of summer and fall.  Thank you to everyone that attended!  It was great to have the chance to sit down and talk.  As requested, we will try to incorporate more of those sessions in the future.
Although it was hot and sticky today, as promised by the weather last night, the pond at Briarcliff was a very pleasant place to paint.  We had lots of shade options and a little breeze off the pond.  I will say the pond was a little on the green side (I did not enhance the photos), thus we had more GREEN challenges today!

Jim Love's painting (and yes that is the pond water so very green today).

Peggy's painting/early stage blocking in color

Our location at Briarcliff pond.

Margaret did it again with a beautiful pastel painting.  The colors are so 'lush'.

Jim and Margaret
Jim's work before he added the waterfall water.

Braircliff pond is a 'best kept secret' of the Northland!  Lots of shad and locations to paint.
Peggy's painting near completion.

I couldn't move this up for Jim's first photo op.
Peggy's painting finished.
DAMAGE in the neighborhood.  There was a lot of roof damage in the Briarcliff area.  

The tree had actually closed off the road for a while.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Suppliers

AirFloat Systems (sturdy shipping boxes for your art) -
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Creative Coldsnow-808 Westport Rd. Kansas City, MO. 816-531-1213
French Canvas - - 609.924.0440
Judsons Plein Air Outfitters - - 866.POCHADE
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RayMar - - 888-809-3314
Signature Canvas - - 1-800-420-3434
Sourcetek – – 800.587.5462
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River Arts -

Friday, August 5, 2011

Martin Jolley has been busy this summer with plein air painting, workshops and travels. Here are a few of his paintings done in Colorado. He will be in a show in Buena Vista Colorado that will begin next week and run a month. More information to come on location, dates and times. Enjoy!

 Frames are hard to find in the Salida area, much to your surprise.  Martin went
'frame shopping' today, and was trying out frames for different paintings.


Turquoise Lake area
Tree study  Turquoise Lake area
Crested Butte wild flowers
Everett Ranch
This is the underpainting for the first photo.

Crested Butte

Clark Ranch

St. Elmo

outhouse and Aspens

Peggy's painting

Martin's painting

Martin and Peggy

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salida paint group: Aug. 2 at Little Cochetopa Ranch

Stone sculpture by Jesus Batista Morales.  This actually in moves.

Carolyn's underpainting.

Peggy's underpainting.


The wild flower daisy path to the creek.

Aspen trees on the way to the creek.

Look closely and you can see painters!


Martin's painting.  

Cary's painting

Joshua Been

Joshua Been

Cary in foreground.  Jamie, Martin and Phoebe in the background.

L to R: Jamie, Martin and Phoebe

View of the house from the Aspen grove.

Another sculpture made of copper.


Peggy's painting