Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sedona Plein Air Event

The Sedona Arts Center is in full swing this week with the plein air festival.  Oct. 21 was the opening gala with Kevin Macpherson's opening show 'Reflections on a Pond'.  It was a wonderful sight for all of those little gems to be displayed in one room to view.  I only have one photo of his work, and with his permission!

Sat. from 1:30 - 4pm the Main St. paint out and sale kept the street jam packed with cars and people.  There were artists from all over the United States participating in this quick paint out.  Joshua Been (Salida, CO artist) had just wrapped up a 3 day workshop in Sedona, and he was on the street Sat. for the quick paint.  As most artist seem to struggle finishing one painting, Joshua completed two.  One was sold before it was finished and off the easel!  If you get the chance to take a workshop with Mr. Been, I would highly recommend it.  He is an excellent teacher and extremely generous with his information.

I am also including a couple of photos of those YELLOW aspens in CO.  Buy a large tube of Cadmium Yellow Lemon if you get the chance to paint in the fall in CO.  Missouri is diving in to color as well.  I hope you are all taking time to paint each Wed.  Our schedule for paint outs has been a little disrupted this fall with everyone traveling.  We will plan for an event to share stories around the holidays.

Colorado Aspens

Sedona AZ

Joshua Been at the Sedona quick paint.

Sedona quick paint artists lined up.

Josh Been's painting

Artists and collectors at the Main St. paint out and sale

Joshua Been's paintings

More red rocks in Sedona AZ.
I hope to get some juicy photos of the upcoming advanced workshop Shawn Cornell is having.  This is just a teaser....I don't have all the details yet!  Enjoy fall!  Peggy