Monday, March 21, 2011

Random paint-out locations around Kansas City and the Flint Hills in KS.

Jim L./Waterworks Park

Martin / Waterworks Park

Peggy / Briarcliff pond

Ann G. at the Stem's Plein Air Event 2010

Mark / Waterworks Park.

Peggy/ Flint Hills.

Jane painting at 2 locations summer 2010

Jane painting in the Flint Hills.

Loose Park, same hat, different day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Julie on location at Briarcliff pond.

Julie at Briarcliff pond.

Debbie's birthday celebration at Weston State Park paint out.

Picnic at the park for Debbie's birthday celebration.  Bette, Jim, Martin, Jane, Debbie and Anne.

Debbie at work on her birthday.

2010 Workshop with Shawn and Dave Cornell.

Loose Park location.  Demos by Shawn Cornell.

Farm location.

Critique at the end of the weekend workshop with Shawn and Dave Cornell.

Painter and Wood carver!

Jim P. in his studio working on a wood carving. Jim is also a prolific painter!

Dec. 2010

Peggy's painting from CO.  You can't pass up the opportunity to paint in CO with snow and bare Aspens!

Martin and Peggy painted near Salida CO.

Summer 2010

Jim at Briarcliff location.

Introducing our group of painters

Martin at Plaza Blanca, New Mexico.  A fantastic location to paint.